5 Steps to Cleaner Home in 2015

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by Raina Raflo, Founder, Sponge & Sparkle – Atlanta House Cleaning Experts since 1981

Half of New Years’ resolutions do not last past February 1. Did you look around your home and resolve to get it clean and clutter-free so that it “rises to meet you?”


Having a clean home not only holds amazing benefits, it is vitally important to a sense of self worth. Following these 5 steps will help you to get there.

Step 1 – Make your Bed

In his commencement address to graduates of the University of Texas at Austin, Navy Seal Admiral McRaven said, “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

Making your bed takes, at most, 2 minutes and can really go a long way towards giving you a feeling of serenity. On the other hand, since the bed is probably the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, having it untidy and messy is guaranteed to raise your stress level. Even if your day is hectic, at least you can look forward to a tidy, serene bedroom at the end of the day. Doesn’t the thought of it just ease the stress out of your body?

Step 2 – Watch your Hands

Do this exercise for 10 days, and I guarantee you will be on your way to a much cleaner home. Watch your hands – every single time you put something down, ask yourself if you are placing the item in its proper place. If the answer is no, make sure you put it where it belongs. After 10 – 14 days performing this new exercise, you will find your home getting cleaner, almost as if by magic.

Step 3 – Hire a Professional House Cleaner

Get a jump on your resolution – start with a clean slate. This simple step will make achieving your goal of a clean home much easier. By hiring a professional cleaning service to provide a detail clean, you will quickly gain traction on your New Year’s resolution.

One of our clients said we provide the “best deep cleaning in town.”  Another client writes: “Sponge and Sparkle are doing a great job and helping me live in a much cleaner home.”

Step 4 – Clear Clutter

Clutter attracts dust bunnies. If you find the thought of cleaning clutter intimidating, do not attempt it all at once. Instead, work on one room for 15 minutes at a time. Steady, consistent progress is infinitely better than no progress at all. Need help clearing your closet? Click here for our closet clearing tips.

Here’s a quick question to help you decide if you need to keep or toss an item:  “Is it beautiful or useful?” If the answer to is no, this item should be removed as soon as possible. Assign it to one of the following three categories: garbage, charity, or sale.

Step 5  – Learn to Clean Faster

Studies show that each of us spends, on average, 685 hours each year cleaning. That’s almost an entire month! One option for maintaining a clean home is to hire a house cleaning service for bi-weekly cleanings. If you’d rather do it yourself, learn to clean faster. By learning how to speed up the process, you will save untold hours and reduce your aggravation and frustration.

Put these 5 steps into practice, and you will find yourself in a cleaner home before you know it.

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