How to Choose the Right Rescue Dog

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by Raina Raflo, Founder, Sponge & Sparkle – Atlanta House Cleaning Experts since 1981

The time has come to add a canine companion to your family.  The options are endless, but you can narrow them down substantially to getting a rescue dog.

Adopt a Rescue Dog

Adoptapalooza 2013

Why a Rescue Dog?

One reason to choose a rescue dog is this: they need a home. Even if they are in caring, “no kill” shelters, dogs do best in a home environment surrounded by love. Other reasons for getting a shelter dog include the fact that they are typically healthy, with vaccinations, spaying, and neutering, and they are far less expensive than a dog from a breeder or puppy mill.

Dogs are Living Beings

When choosing a rescue dog, it is important that you make sure to choose the right rescue dog. Dogs are living creatures, and you don’t want to have to send one back because you have a poor match.

Assess your Situation

Before you go to the first shelter, assess your family situation. By assessing your situation, you can narrow your choices to find a dog with the lineage, temperament, energy level and age to fit in with your family.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I home a lot, or will the dog be left alone for long periods of time?
  • Do I have little children or am I planning to have children soon?
  • What kind of flooring and furniture do I have and what type of dogs may fit best into my home?
  • Do I have time to house train?
  • Do I have other pets?
  • Do I do a lot of entertaining?
  • How often do I vacation?
  • Do I have a budget for shots and veterinary appointments?

Assess the Shelter

Don’t just drop by the nearest shelter to choose a dog. Carefully decide which shelters you will visit. Ask your friends and family, and call the ones in your area.

These questions will help you determine whether you have chosen the right shelter:

  • What is the shelter’s return policy?
  • Will they allow me to take the dogs for a walk so that I can see how well we get along?
  • Does the shelter provide medical and behavior information?

Let An Expert Help

It might be worth your while to take along a trainer or someone who is familiar with dogs. Tell them ahead of time what you’ve determined by following step #1 – what type of temperament, breed and energy level you are looking for. The trainer will be able to see things about your new dog that you might not notice.  This could save you, your family, and the shelter dog a lot of stress and heartache.

Don’t Be Hasty

It’s easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm of getting a new dog or puppy and not taking steps to make sure you do what is best for yourself and for the dog. As much as it is important to fall in love with a dog immediately, a dog or puppy that is chosen hastily could end up being unpredictable, and that affection could go away just as quickly.

Be Willing to Walk Away

What if, in the end, you determine adopting a rescue dog is not for you right now? There is no shame in changing your mind. You can always volunteer or donate to a shelter instead.

Share Your Experience

Have you fostered or adopted a pet? What were your experiences? What advice would you give?

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Photo Credit: Photo of Adoptapoalooza in Union Park – September 2013.


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I love my rescue dog. She has a great temperament & is very loving. I had always gone through a breeder in the past. After this great exp. with my rescue, I’ll adopt in the future.

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