4 Solutions to a Chronically Messy Home

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Life happens, and an occasionally messy or cluttered home is to be expected. A home that is always untidy, however, is a source of stress and embarrassment to everyone who lives in it.

Picture of messy bedroom via CC License

You can conquer clutter and mess.

Here are 4 tips to get you started.

Messy Home Solution # 1 – Use Containers.

Using containers creates a uniform look that is peaceful and pleasing to the eye.

I’m using the term containers to refer to anything you use to keep like items together – magazine files, baskets, filing cabinets, etc. You can use containers for container lids, cleaning supplies, paper, and much more.

Here are a couple of rules for using containers:

  1. Make sure your containers are uniform. Use the same color, same style, or same materials.
  2. Measure the area before going container shopping. It is so frustrating to come home with a stack of containers only to find out they aren’t the right size for the area or the items you want to keep organized.

Messy Home Solution #2 – Label Everything.

Using labels takes away the guesswork of having to remember what goes where. If your kids aren’t able to read, use pictures to label their areas. Label your shelves. Label your file cabinets. Label your laundry baskets.

Get in the habit of labeling, even if you live alone. This is a one-time task that pays huge dividends. Although labeling may seem extreme, those seconds and minutes you save will add up.

Messy Home Solution #3 – Get the Kids Involved.

If you blame most of the messiness on “the kids,” you are not alone. Children are, however, a wonderful resource known as free labor! Even the tiniest tyke can be trained to pick up.

Messy Home Solution # 4 – Invest in Regular, Professional Maid Service.

What is your peace of mind worth? Investing a little bit in a professional maid service to clean once or twice a month provides a clean, clutter-free slate without any of the hassle.

Setting up a regular, ongoing appointment with a maid service (ex., the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month) will not only translate into lower fees, it will also mean one less item on your to-do list!

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2 Responses to “4 Solutions to a Chronically Messy Home”

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Get the kids involved…..no kids here. I have to get the husband involved!

The tips of using containers is a great one and one that I often use myself. It gives me the sense that there is a place for everything and so I am much more likely to return it in its place. If there is an item that’s unaccounted for, it tends to just sit on counters or in drawers, but with containers (that are also labeled) there’s less of a chance for these items just to lay around like clutter. Great post!

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