Small Business Leadership: 3 Myths Guaranteed to Thwart Your Delegation Attempts

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Get Off the Treadmill – Delegate!

This is the perfect time to consider changes we can implement to make this year much better than the last.

If you intend to create more time to grow your business and enjoy your life, you are not alone. Owning an Atlanta-based house cleaning service for over 30 years has given me ample opportunity to practice delegating tasks and become intimately familiar with the joys and pitfalls of delegation.

As a business owner, most of your time should be invested in the following 3 areas:

  1. Doing work that uses your unique genius – the factor that only you bring to the business.
  2. Investing in your growth.
    Examples include upgrading your skills in a key area or staying abreast of industry changes so that you can better serve your customers.
  3. Generating Income.
    Brian Tracy, in his keynote “Performing at your Best,” talks about the Law of 3 – there are 3 activities that contribute to 90% of your business’ income. To maximize your income, identify your 3 activities and spend most of your time on them.

Delegation is a conundrum. Trying to do it all will suffocate your business, yet letting go is difficult. What increases the difficulty of delegation are the myths, or excuses we make to ourselves that get in our way.

Here are top 3 myths that will hinder your delegation attempts and keep you stuck on the “do it all myself” treadmill.

Myth #1 – No one can do it as well.

Myth #1 is the “perfection” myth, which states: “I am the only person who can do this job perfectly.”

Here are three ways to free yourself from this myth.

  1. Be honest.
    Are you really as good at this task as you think? Is there really no one else who can complete it as well as you?
  2. Be clear about your expectations.
    The way to get someone to complete the task to your standards is communication. Document the task and explain exactly how the person completing it will be “graded.”
  3. Give up on perfection.

Myth # 2 – I should only delegate tasks that cost less than my hourly rate.

This myth is based on advice given by a lot of well-meaning people. It says that if your hourly rate is $50, for example, you should outsource tasks that pay less. While this is true, there are situations where it benefits you to delegate tasks that pay more than your hourly rate.

  1. When you are delegating to an expert who can get the job done faster, and better.
    Here’s an example. You need to organize your office, and a professional office organizer charges $75 per hour. Sure, you can make an attempt at organization, but will you get it done anywhere near as efficiently as she will? Probably not.
  2. When the task is one you dread.
    Think of the 3 tasks you dread the most. You know what happens when you dread a task – you are more likely to procrastinate and expend precious psychic energy fretting about it. Isn’t it worth your peace of mind and energy to invest in hiring someone else take to that loathsome task off your plate?

Myth # 3 – I should only delegate the tasks I do not know how to do.

This myth is another trap to keep you stuck on the “do it all myself” treadmill. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Focus your energy on those tasks that are within your unique genius.

Let’s say you have the ability to design websites very well, but you are truly brilliant at Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your smart choice would be to delegate web design to someone else.

Another task you would be smart to delegate is house cleaning. Studies show we spend 685 hours, or 28 days each year on house cleaning chores. Sure, you could do it yourself, but every hour you spend cleaning is an hour away from working on tasks that move your business forward.

Make this year in business your best ever. If you would like to join the hundreds of Atlanta households who have made the smart choice to delegate their house cleaning to us, call me at (404) 633-9652 or visit Sponge & Sparkle, Inc. on the web.

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