8 Ways to Cut Your Housecleaning Time in Half

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A clean house is a sign of a broken computer.When is the last time you read a book from cover to cover?

Are you a frustrated artist who never seems to find the time to create?

Have you been thinking about starting a home business?

You can do any and all of these things with your free time.

A study by CLR revealed that Americans spend 13 hours a week cleaning. That’s 685 hours a year – almost an entire month! At least half of that time could be transformed into a dozen books read, half a dozen masterpieces painted, or a few thousand dollars in your pocket.

These tips will help you make better use of the time you spend cleaning.

Start With a Clean Slate

Sometimes it is hard to get the house to a point where you feel you can maintain it.  Hire a cleaning service to do a thorough detailed house cleaning, so that it will be easier for you to maintain a clean home. A professional service can get your home in tip-top shape in no time, leaving you to maintain the clean.

Keep Your Cleaning Products Close

Put your cleaning products where they will be needed the most. This will save you from running from room to room looking for them.  Put one or two bottles of green cleaning products in each room for easy access. Instead of items up and down the stairs, keep a broom on each floor. For items you need to use in each room, use a little cleaning tool belt or perhaps an apron with pockets to keep them on you.

Invest in Time Saving Equipment

A steam cleaner like the ones used by professional cleaning services will speed up your cleaning and scrubbing time significantly. A high quality lightweight vacuum will also make cleaning go faster as you can vacuum more surfaces.

Avoid Distractions

Five minute email breaks can end up lasting an hour.  You can tweet that you are cleaning after you finish doing it.

If you really need human contact when you are cleaning, call someone and use a hands-free headset.  You’d be surprised how much laundry you can fold during a half-hour phone conversation.

Work from One End to the Other

Don’t run around in circles picking up items here and there.  You will only exhaust yourself.

Instead, work from one corner of the room to the other. Have a garbage bag and basket for things to put away. Put items that don’t belong into the basket as you encounter them, and take other items out of the basket as you reach the space where they should be.

Go Clubbing

Just as faster tempo music makes people exercise faster, having your favorite up-tempo tunes playing in the background may speed up your cleaning.

Dancing a little may also help: just make sure your kids and their smartphones are nowhere nearby. You wouldn’t want to end up on youtube.

Assert your Authority

Speaking of idle kids, put them to work! Assign tasks to each child and give rewards for jobs well done. An added benefit is that they won’t be underfoot, so that you can clean and dance in peace.


Is all of this cleaning worth a month (each year) out of your life?

If you’ve decided it’s not worth the time, energy, and stress, if you’d rather spend that time doing something that brings you joy, Fuhgeddaboudit and hire a professional cleaning service.

Share your tips.

What are your best timesaving cleaning tips? Please share them in the comments section below.

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