Top Timesavers for Work At Home Moms (WAHM)

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IMG_2874.JPGThere are many perks to telecommuting or running a business from home.

You can work, manage the household, and take care of kids without ever leaving the house – or so you think.

What many moms think will be a blessing, turns out being a curse where you are never away from work.  You are always parenting, and always cleaning.  It can turn into quite a juggling act.

Still, with determination and planning, you can make it work.

Here are some invaluable tools you can use to make working from home work for you and your family:

WAHM Timesaver 1 – A Crock Pot

Have you heard? Crock pots are cool again. Put your ingredients (fresh of frozen) in one by noon and dinner is ready by five. While the meal cooks, your home is filled with mouth-watering smells. You would be surprised by how delightfully delicious crock pot meals can be.  With thousands of Crock Pot recipes online, you will never need to have the same meal twice.  You may find yourself buying a second Crock Pot in no time, and a rice cooker too.

WAHM Timesaver 2 – A Monthly Cleaning Service

Think about much you can make per hour when you are working.  If that amount is more than or equal to what you would pay for a house cleaning, then you should definitely hire a professional service to clean your home.

Think of it as maximizing your earning potential since you can continue working while they are cleaning. Even if you make less than it costs to hire a cleaning service, consider a monthly cleaning for sake of your personal sanity and family harmony.

WAHM Timesaver 3 – Mommy’s Helper

A Mommy’s helper can keep the kids occupied for a few hours while you meet deadlines, make phone calls or attend networking meetings.

Having quiet, uninterrupted time to focus on business tasks will allow you to get more work done and to sound more professional over the phone.

Hiring someone for a few hours in the morning can actually keep the kids quiet all day because they will need a nap when they get home and be less energetic in the afternoon.

WAHM Timesaver 4 – Put the Kids to Work

As your children get older, you can get them to help you manage the house and even some of your work chores.

Children as young as three can help pick up a room, especially if you set a timer and make it a game. Teens and pre-teens can keep younger children busy for a couple of hours a day.  They can also help prepare meals or clean up after dinner allowing you to get some work done.

WAHM Timesaver 5 – Embrace an Evening Routine

In his classic productivity book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey talks about Quadrant 2 tasks. These are the tasks that are important but not (yet) urgent. If left undone, they lead to days spent frantically putting out fires, moving from one emergency to another.

An evening routine will help you avoid unnecessary emergencies, which means your day will run smoother.

Here are 3 simple tasks you can add to your evening routine.

  • Lay out clothes for children, pack lunches, and put school supplies by the door to get kids off to school easily.
  • Do a load of laundry, vacuum and prepare items for the crock pot  to get housework out of the way.
  • Make a work to-do list and clean your desk to start your work day off on the right foot.

WAHM Timesaver 6 – Your Calendar

You will never fully enjoy the flexibility and spontaneity of working from home if you don’t keep a meticulous calendar.

Enter all of your children’s events and family celebrations into your calendar and plan your work week around it. Chart your daily and weekly tasks to be completed for work. If you can stay on top of your work schedule, you will find that you can afford to take and occasional day off for family fun.

WAHMs (and Dads): Join the conversation.

What are your timesaving tips? Please share them in the comments section below.

Photo Source: Eyeliam on Flickr

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Another great tip is to partner with another WAHM or SAHM to swap FREE babysitting.
Offer to take their children for a few hours one day a week and they can do the same for you. Any SAHM would appreciate a little free time to grocery shop alone, read a book without interruption, get those tasks done that would be so much easier without “little helpers”, etc… You could even create a small group within your neighborhood of 2-3 WAHM/SAHM’s to increase your free time. It’s a benefit for everyone 🙂

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