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closetIs your closet crammed with clothes, yet you never seem to be able to find anything to wear? Here’s a surprising statistic – most of us wear only 20% of the clothes we have in our closets. In this article, clutter clearing expert and coach Sue Rasmussen explains the 14 categories of clothes you have in your closet, and 13 of them are clothes you don’t need.

The Benefits of Clearing Closet Clutter

The benefits of cleaning the clutter out of your closet include:

  • Less dust and dirt accumulation.As Atlanta house cleaning experts, we see it all the time – clutter is a dust magnet.
  • More energy. Clutter weighs you down. Most of us have to find something to wear on a daily basis, and having to face a mess each day can be a drain.
  • Discover new clothing. Many people find that once they clear and organize their closets they end up with more, rather than fewer things to wear. Once they are able to see what they have, it is easier to put together outfit combinations.
  • Help someone in need. The clothes clogging your closet are probably just want someone else needs. Donate your new or gently used clothing to someone who can use it.

Our Closet Clearing System

Here’s a simple system for clearing out your closet. Take everything out of your closet. Put the clothing that you know fits well and looks fabulous back into your closet.

What if you can’t decide? Granted, most of us don’t have the iron will to get rid of everything that we don’t wear. So, here’s a compromise. Once you’ve removed all of the clothes you can bear to part with, put the rest in the closet with the hangers all facing one way. When you wear something, place it back in the closet with the hangers facing the opposite direction. At the end of the season, you will have a clearer picture of the clothes you don’t wear.

Wondering What to Do With Your Clothes?

Sell your unused clothing to a consignment shop or better yet, donate them to charity. Here are few non-profits in Atlanta that accept new and gently worn clothing.

Once you’ve experienced the zen of having an un-cluttered closet, consider calling us for a top to bottom Atlanta house cleaning.

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