You Dont Actually Need A Disinfectant!

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Forget the antibacterials and disinfectants. Soap and water does the trickWe have been educated to think that we need to kill ALL the germs, viruses, and bacteria on our household surfaces, so we use products designed to do just that.

Overzealous Disinfecting Breeds Super Bugs

Many of these products though, are overkill,  and made with  chemicals that can cause the same problem as overuse of antibiotics – superbug overgrowth  – according to the Tufts University School of Medicine.  Superbugs are pernicious bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Children, the sick or elderly are particularly susceptible to superbugs, but they are bad news everywhere.

Disinfectants and Pesticides have Something in Common

In the U.S. a product  can only be labeled as a disinfectant, antibiotic, or antimicrobial agent only after it  is registered as a pesticide  with the EPA!

Overzealous Disinfecting Linked to Health Problems

Disinfectants have been linked to health problems as well.  A recent study highlighted concerns that nurses who  were regularly exposed to cleaning products and disinfectants shared a significantly increased occurrence of asthma.  And some antimicrobial agents commonly used in  products like antibacterial  hand  soaps are suspected endocrine disruptors and immunotoxins.

Check the Labels

Check the labels of  the cleaning and toiletry products in your home and you will truly be amazed at how many places you find registered antimicrobial ingredients, including even some toothpaste!

Reduce Germs the Natural, Non-Toxic Way

The EPA recommends washing with soapy water to reduce germs!  Just be sure that you are using a real soap, as some products that call themselves soap are actually detergents, which are unlikely to work as well as a real alkaline soap (many detergents are closer to a neutral ph).  A good one is Dr.  Bronners all natural soap, and it even comes with peppermint or lavender which further enhances germ killing properties (safely).

Our professional house cleaning service uses non-toxic, yet highly effective cleaning agents.

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