Pets are worth it

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I am a confirmed pet lover with a big shaggy Great Pyrenees, Sam, and a big orange puff-ball cat,  Simon.  Simon, the official Sponge & Sparkle cat.

As any pet owner will tell you,  pets add so much to our lives.  They are endlessly interesting, curious, affectionate, and just plain fun.  Yes they are sometimes expensive and sometimes a lot of work, but absolutely the benefits outweigh  the negatives!

Having a pet contributes to happiness too.  It is hard to feel really grim when your dog is  jumping around in crazy circles just  at the sight of you, or your cat is purring away while licking your toes!  Plus, having an animal, especially a dog,  gets you OUTSIDE!  Getting outdoors every day in nature for even just a few minutes, is vital to our well being and nourishes our spirit,  in my opinion (actually not just mine, there are lots of scientific studies to corroborate this too).   And, walking your dog makes it easier to connect with other people too – another happiness booster.

However,   one downside to having a pet are the extra dust bunnies and pet hair. If you have allergies this can be a lot to keep under control.  Invest in a good vacuum, preferably one with a hepa filter. If  you have a lot of hard surface floors,  I highly recommend a Eureka Mity Mite floor vacuum.  It works SO much better than using a broom or even a swifter.  In our Atlanta maid service that is all we ever use for wood and tile floors.  Or, if you want us to do it for you (and make life even happier!) call us – Sponge & Sparkle Cleaning Service at 404-633-9652.

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About the author:
Raina Raflo owns Sponge & Sparkle, Atlanta’s oldest and most reputable independent maid and house cleaning service. (404) 633-9652.


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