Paper can be a treasure – who knew?

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A  few days ago I was in a clutter cleaning frenzy at the office, and one of the things I fixated on was a stack of 11×17 copy paper that had been sitting on the floor for months.  We had bought it with the mistaken assumption that our printer would print that size paper,  and when we found out that it didn’t,  we didn’t know what to do with it so we relegated it to a  corner of the room.  

It was mildly annoying and it’s presence felt reproachful:  why are you so wasteful??   So finally I had it with the subtle guilt and actually picked it up off the floor vowing to figure out a purpose for it. 

Funny – just the simple act of picking it up immediately led to an idea:  ask my employees if any of them wanted it!    When Caprice found out that I was giving away the paper she was actually  excited.  She told me her son loves to draw,  and never can get enough paper. 

The next day she brought me a  big, sweet,  thank you drawing from him.  This simple pack of paper had made him SO  happy… that  it made me feel ashamed and amazed.  What had been worthless to me,  when I gave it away,  actually made someone else’s day.  Just paper. 

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