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Spring Clutter Clearing

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This time of year is totally conducive to clearing out the old, stale, used, outworn things in our lives.  It is a natural process along with Spring’s glorious, fresh new life bursting into bloom everywhere.    How could we be immune to its effects in our lives?  After a winter of hibernating in our overheated, closed up houses, all we want to do is throw open the doors and windows and let the fresh clean breezes just waft in and  work  their magic.   With the natural impetus of the season  there seems to be a  compulsion to shed any clutter and heaviness in our homes and lives.   A few days ago I was actually able to convince my husband to clean out his closet.   It was amazing.  He found five big trash bags of clothes to give away to Goodwill.   Five bags!  The feeling that we get when we walk into the closet now is so light and airy – it feels like an actual physical lightening up and brings a smile to our faces.   What can we clear out next?

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Paper can be a treasure – who knew?

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A  few days ago I was in a clutter cleaning frenzy at the office, and one of the things I fixated on was a stack of 11×17 copy paper that had been sitting on the floor for months.  We had bought it with the mistaken assumption that our printer would print that size paper,  and when we found out that it didn’t,  we didn’t know what to do with it so we relegated it to a  corner of the room.  

It was mildly annoying and it’s presence felt reproachful:  why are you so wasteful??   So finally I had it with the subtle guilt and actually picked it up off the floor vowing to figure out a purpose for it. 

Funny – just the simple act of picking it up immediately led to an idea:  ask my employees if any of them wanted it!    When Caprice found out that I was giving away the paper she was actually  excited.  She told me her son loves to draw,  and never can get enough paper. 

The next day she brought me a  big, sweet,  thank you drawing from him.  This simple pack of paper had made him SO  happy… that  it made me feel ashamed and amazed.  What had been worthless to me,  when I gave it away,  actually made someone else’s day.  Just paper. 

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Money May Be Able To Buy Some Happiness

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“You can’t  pay someone to spend time with your spouse and kids, but you can hire someone to clean your house, do your laundry, or mow your lawn”
(Sandra Bienkowski in Success Magazine November 2009)

      It is too hard to do it all,  all by yourself,  as most of us have found out.  When you realize you cannot do everything, then that is the time to hire someone to do the things that you dont want to do – so that you can do the things that you DO want to do!   One less thing to worry about is a great thing,  and  who doesnt deserve more free time and a little less stress?  Some things – like an Atlanta maid service – are totally worth every penny.

Could you find a teenager to mow the lawn? Could you hire a weekly cleaning service? Could you buy prepared foods a few nights a week? These days, money is very tight, but eliminating conflict in a relationship is a high happiness priority, so this is a place to spend money if it can help.

Raina Raflo owns Sponge & Sparkle, Atlanta’s oldest and most reputable independent maid and housecleaning service.

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