Keeping a Cleaner Neater Home in 2010

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If one of your desires in the new year is to keep your home neater and cleaner there are a few tricks to help you along.

The one I like the most (of course) is to hire a professional cleaning service – like Sponge & Sparkle! It really does make life easier.

Even if you have service every other week, however, you still have 13 days to KEEP it clean, so here are a few ideas:

  1. The number one way to simplify cleaning is to organize and eliminate clutter and junk. The less “stuff” you have the easier everything is to deal with. The maxim is “if it isn’t beautiful or useful (to you) then get rid of it”. It is a good idea to periodically go through the house and look at everything with this in mind and as you go along have a trash bag with you and when it is filled take it to Goodwill or Salvation Army. You are reducing, reusing, recycling!
  2. Another idea is to organize your papers, mail, books,etc into files or baskets. Or simply just making a very neat stack of the papers that you have is so much better than just letting everything spread and migrate all over the surfaces which is their natural tendency, if not kept in check.
  3. Get in the habit of putting things away when they are in your hand – instead of putting it down somewhere to deal with later. That does NOT work!
  4. If you get into the habit of making your bed every morning and putting your clothes away before you leave the house you will set a standard for yourself that you will find you enjoy, and will make it easier to keep the rest of the house clean.

If you are looking for sales on organizing, filing & storage products, January is the month to shop. Many stores offer discounts for as much as half off.

For more ideas on keeping your space clean and organized, try The Container Store. It is a great resource for ideas and help with organizing.

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About the author:

Raina Raflo owns Sponge & Sparkle, Atlanta’s oldest and most reputable independent maid and house cleaning service. (404) 633-9652.


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