Why wouldnt you hire the Cheap housecleaner?

Posted on June 20, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I was recently at a family event when one of my relatives who does housecleaning  “under the table” wanted to know what my company charges.  When I told her she said to her friends standing with us , “Why would anyone pay that when they could hire me (for $10  less an hour)?”  And my question to her was:  “Yes why would anyone hire an individual  for $10 less an hour when they could hire  a legitimate established service for just a little more?
Some things are more important than cheap, such as peace of mind.  Something that seems cheap and a good deal now may not seem so cheap when that individual falls in the home and injures herself and sues the homeowner.  No matter how “sweet”  your housecleaner is, or how close you have become, when faced with no income, no savings, and high medical bills, she will sue you and she will win.  Contrary to popular belief, homeowners insurance will NOT cover such injuries.   What happens when this individual maid uses the wrong product on your granite countertop or marble floor  and ruins it?   She will not have to ability or the insurance policy to cover damages with her cheap rates!  What happens when she doesnt feel like showing up for work…well there is no back up plan.  If she wants to bring her baby with her?  Is she feels like stealing from you?  It happens all the time.  And it is illegal to hire an undocumented worker AND  it is illegal to pay someone without withholding  social security and federal and state taxes from their pay.   When you hire an individual maid you then become her employer in the eyes of our government  and if you do not withhold taxes and social security from her pay, when/if this person files for disability or social security you could suddenly be in a very expensive situation!
Think carefully before you hire the cheap cleaner!


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